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Stylish peaceful villa with private pool, close to Balos beach
Falasarna, , GRC
Condo   3BR   4.0BA   Sleeps 7

Starting at $352/night

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Mountainside luxury villa with private heated pool, jacuzzi and childrens games
Tersanas Akrotiri, , GRC
Condo   7BR   6.0BA   Sleeps 14

Starting at $1,007/night

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Stylish Villa with Private Heated and Hydromassage Pool, 200m from the beach and city
Platanias, Chania, Crete, , GRC
Condo   4BR   5.0BA   Sleeps 9

Starting at $470/night

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Luxurious villa with amazing views, infinity heated pool, hamam, billiard & Childrens area
Agia Pelagia, Heraklion, Crete, , GRC
Condo   5BR   4.0BA   Sleeps 13

Starting at $558/night

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Mountainside stylish Villa with private pool, gym, ping pong and landscape views,500m from sea
Kato Stalos, Chania, Crete, , GRC
Condo   6BR   5.0BA   Sleeps 12

Starting at $811/night

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Exclusive Waterfront Villa with private infinity pool,close to peaceful beaches,best for private holidays
Mochlos, , GRC
Condo   3BR   3.0BA   Sleeps 7

Starting at $494/night

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Ideal Luxury Retreat With Private Swimming Pool & BBQ Facilities
Rethymno, , GRC
Condo   4BR   2.0BA   Sleeps 8

Starting at $134/night

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Hillside Villa with private waterfall pool and glorious terrace with panoramic views
Ierapetra, , GRC
Condo   3BR   2.0BA   Sleeps 6

Starting at $294/night

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Mountainside luxurious villa with private pool, childrens games & breathtaking sea views
Marikas Kapsi PO 92 Agia Pelagia, , GRC
Condo   3BR   3.0BA   Sleeps 8

Starting at $329/night

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Secluded stylish villa with tennis, golf course, private pool, best for families
Plakoti, Agia Paraskevi, Rethymno, Crete, , GRC
Condo   5BR   4.0BA   Sleeps 11

Starting at $385/night

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Idyllic beautiful villa with private heated infinity pool, panoramic views & BBQ
Pines,Elounda, Lasithi, , GRC
Condo   5BR   5.0BA   Sleeps 10

Starting at $807/night

Missing Image

Lively peaceful villa with private heated pool and jacuzzi, best for private holidays
Kalathas, Akrotiri, Chania, , GRC
Condo   6BR   6.0BA   Sleeps 13

Starting at $411/night

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Beachfront luxurious villa with private pool, 30m to shops & restaurants
Plakias, Rethymno, Crete, , GRC
Condo   3BR   3.0BA   Sleeps 8

Starting at $141/night

Missing Image

Private polished mansion with private pool and jacuzzi, close to amenities
Litsarda,Vamos,Chania, , GRC
Condo   4BR   4.0BA   Sleeps 10

Starting at $352/night

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Luxurious villa with amazing 360 sea views, infinity pool, 500m from the beach
Chania, Marathi beach, , GRC
Condo   6BR   7.0BA   Sleeps 12

Starting at $1,007/night

Missing Image

Luxurious modern mansion with private pool and sauna, 200m from beach
Almyrida, Chania, Crete, , GRC
Condo   4BR   4.0BA   Sleeps 8

Starting at $378/night

Missing Image

Hillside Villa with pool, jacuzzi and skyline views, close to shops
Korakies Akrotiri, Chania, , GRC
Condo   5BR   5.0BA   Sleeps 12

Starting at $691/night

Missing Image

Deluxe captivating villa with indoor and outdoor pool, sandy beach is only 1,5km away
Kokkini Hani, Heraklion, , GRC
Condo   6BR   6.0BA   Sleeps 16

Starting at $898/night

Missing Image

Stylish Cute Mansion with private pool,kids playground and spacious garden area, best for wedding events
Asteri, Stauromenos, Rethymnon, Crete, , GRC
Condo   5BR   5.0BA   Sleeps 11

Starting at $378/night

Missing Image

Seafront Villa with private pool and kids playground, 300m from restaurants
Epar. Odos Ierapetras-Sitias, Ferma, , GRC
Condo   5BR   4.0BA   Sleeps 12

Starting at $605/night

Missing Image

Idyllic luxurious Villa with private infinity pool, wheel chair friendly and amazing sea views
Mochlos, , GRC
Condo   3BR   3.0BA   Sleeps 7

Starting at $494/night

Missing Image

Brand new modern villa with amazing sea views and private pool, close to the beach
Triopetra village, Akoumia Rethymnon, , GRC
Condo   3BR   3.0BA   Sleeps 8

Starting at $135/night

Missing Image

Idyllic beautiful villa with private pool and spacious garden area with landscape views
Kirianna, , GRC
Condo   2BR   2.0BA   Sleeps 5

Starting at $235/night

Missing Image

Seafront brand new modern villa with amazing views of the ocean and close to amenities
Stavromenos, Rethymnon, Crete, , GRC
Condo   3BR   3.0BA   Sleeps 7

Starting at $345/night

Missing Image

Landscaped Villa with Private Pool, fenced area and mountain views
Champatha Apokoronas, Chania, Crete, , GRC
Condo   3BR   4.0BA   Sleeps 8

Starting at $364/night





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